Author Visits

Encouraging readers and writers of all ages is one of the best parts of this job! I’ve brainstormed pillow fort names with second-graders, taught ninth-graders to spot the connections between Olivia and Romeo & Juliet, and mentored grownup writers for pitch contests on Twitter. My main goal with every visit, in-person or virtual, is to leave my participants with a stash of fun, solid, usable tips and tricks to assist their next steps in the wonderful world of writing–whether that means querying an agent or writing a one-paragraph story about what they had for breakfast.

*Maggie and Abby Common-Core Classroom Study Guide Coming Soon!*


  • FREE 20-min Skype Visits (for classrooms that have read my book)
    • Author Q&A.
    • Signed bookplate for all students.
  • Classroom Visits (Grades 3-12) 40-60 minutes
    • Opt. 1: How books get made! Author life; the writing process; strong emphasis on the messy fun and importance of revision.
    • Opt. 2: I’ve got a story to tell! Finding characters, settings, and questions; building the story sandwich; putting it all together.
    • Opt. 3: Picturing Books! Using picture books to learn the elements of story, framing devices, thematic repetition, and arc. (Best for grades 7-12)
    • All full presentations with visuals and activities.
    • Signed bookplate for all participants. Q&A optional.
    • $350 +travel, in-person. $175 Skype.
  • Writing Groups/Book Clubs (All Ages) 40-60 minutes
    • Opt 1: The Work of Writing. Methods and tips for getting from idea to polished manuscript.
    • Opt 2: The Publishing Process. How traditional publishing works, plus suggestions, tips, and strategies.
    • Opt 3: Custom. A program designed to fit the needs of your group!
    • $200-$500, variable by group size. Contact for more information.

Please use the CONTACT tab to check in about visits! I’d love to hear from you!

Note: availability is currently extremely limited, and for the time being in-person visits are limited to the general Puget Sound region.