I’m sorry, what was your name again?

This is for reals my most frequently asked question. I have the hardest time saying my own first name, probably due to ten years of playing the French Horn and “tah-ing” all my Ls. Nine times out of ten baristas and deli clerks have to ask me to repeat myself, and then I get flustered and it comes out even worse and they end up raising their eyebrows and writing Wolth or Gill or Willon on my cup. Lately I’ve just picked a nice crunchy, spitable name like Zach or Patrick or Beatrice and called it good.

Why the bees?

I have a fair number of bee tattoos. I got them because to me bees are pure, ancient, lightning-grade magic. Right up there with books and stories.

Are you open to interviews or school visits?

Yes! I love talking about books and writing and pillow forts. Please see AUTHOR VISITS for school visit information, and CONTACT to reach out about interviews. (Professional matters, such as blurb requests, should be directed to my literary agent, Brent Taylor, also through the contact tab.)

In CATCH THAT DOG Joanie has one “sharp” eye and one “soft” eye. Your author’s note says you have the same thing. What’s it look like?

I do! The condition is called refractive amblyopia, and basically means my left eye never got all the way connected to my brain, so it can’t focus. Sometimes people with amblyopia can retrain their eyes, but mine is the kind where not even glasses or surgery can make a difference.

Here’s a pretty good idea of what the world looks like to me (and Joanie):

There are occasional downsides to refractive amblyopia, but I’ve never seen things any other way so for me it’s just normal. And there are secret benefits! I put my favorite ones right there on the page in CATCH THAT DOG.

A photograph of a beach. The sky is blue, there is a band of bright green seaweed, and a foreground of gray and brown driftwood. The right half of the image is crisp and sharp. The left half has been edited so it is extremely blurry and individual elements are hard to pick out.

Will there be a sequel to The Language of Seabirds?

I hope so! I’ve got one sketched out and the first five chapters written. It really comes down to my publisher in the end. I would be over the moon to get to share the next stage of Jeremy and Evan’s story with you. Our boys have so many more skies to share.

Are you working on any new books?

Always! I’m usually working on at least two middle grade books, and I submit a couple picture books a year to publishers. (None have been accepted yet; picture books are hard.) I’m also trying my hand at YA these days. And I have whole notebooks of ideas waiting in the wings. Hopefully I’ll keep putting out new stories and adventures for a good long while! It’s my favorite thing to do!