The colorful illustrated cover of the book MAGGIE AND ABBY AND THE SHIPWRECK TREEHOUSE by Will Taylor. The cover shows two twelve-year-old-girls, one white with frizzy brown hair, one Latinx with medium-brown skin and black hair, climbing into an open-topped treehouse at night. The treehouse has a ship’s steering wheel, a telescope, and other nautical elements. There are stars through the branches overhead and a view of the ocean in the background, including a tiny whale. Both girls are clearly being sneaky. One has a variety of items such as rope and a map attached to her belt. The tone is sneaking around at night, summer, adventure, and excitement.

More danger! More secret societies! More Samson!

Summer’s finally here, and Maggie and Abby are ready to dig up every mystery Camp Cantaloupe is hiding. But when a terrible accident separates them, it’ll take all their skill, luck, and daring to get back to each other before they uncover one secret too many and their separation becomes permanent!

HarperCollins Children’s | August 20, 2019 | Grades 3-7

ISBN: 978-0-062-64434-3

Cover Artist- Monique Dong

Designer- Jessie Gang

AUDIOBOOK narrated by Cassandra Morris & Sisi A. Johnson

Okay so first you gotta read The Never-Ending Pillowfort book. Then you’ll slide right into this one through the secret doorways that lead to a myriad of castles. This book is sweetness and sheer fun.” T.

So complicated! So awesome! I was squealing for most of the second half of the book from all the plot twists and exciting stuff that kept happening! …If any of that sounds good to you, READ IT.” P. C.

Taylor has once again woven an enchanting tale that is highly readable, full of memorable characters, and sure to thrill and entertain readers of all ages – but especially those at the younger end of the spectrum!” Andrew M.

I love this book! I love all the characters. BUT WHAT IS THE NEXT BOOK? WHEN WILL IT BE RELASED? It leaves me on a cliff hanger, AGAIN.” S.L.N.

Nine months after being kicked out of the pillow fort networks, Maggie and Abby have a whole new mission to focus on–and it starts at summer camp.

All Abby wants is a real break after a year of BIG changes back home. But she knows Maggie will never relax into summer until they’ve solved the mystery of the trap door in Camp Cantaloupe’s legendary Shipwreck Treehouse.

What neither friend expects, though, is for their very first night to go down in Cantaloupe history. And when the trap door busts open for the first time in centuries, Abby’s going to need the help of friends both old and new to help her uncover the ultimate truth of the pillow forts—and get her back to Maggie’s side before Camp Cantaloupe itself gets shut down and these best of best friends become truly separated… for good.