The graphic cover of the book SLIMED by Liam Gray, a pseudonym of Will Taylor. The cover is bright, acid green with a pattern of dripping slime. The title is spelled out in block-style yellow letters.

The secret’s out! Writing under my pen name, Liam Gray, Slimed is my tribute to classic Goosebumps-style adventure. Featuring zombie grownups! Kiddie pools of melting spinach! Triple-stacked volcanos! Ominous sunflowers! And of course slime, slime, SLIIIIIME!

Scholastic | October 19, 2021 | Grades 3-7

ISBN: 978-1-338-62072-6

Cover- Baily Crawford

Designers- Baily Crawford & Omou Barry

“Gray’s novel bursts with action and heart as Billy and Sam learn how to bridge their academic differences and combine their individual strengths in a refreshing twist on zombie apocalypse scenarios. As the kids take the forefront in the fight against the sentient slime, their actions transform the scientific method from a dry term in textbook to an exhilarating adventure. A high-stakes thrill ride.” -Kirkus

The book my class loved most this year!” Danielle K., fourth-grade teacher

A fast-paced story where kids save the day by working together. For fans of zombies and gross stuff.” Liz

Billy Hamilton wants nothing to do with school, let alone this year’s science project: submitting an experiment for the next season of TV’s “America’s Got Science.” But Billy desperately needs the extra credit, and his partner, Sam Baptiste, wants to impress her favorite science hero, Professor Quandary, who will be judging the competition. 

When Billy and Sam unexpectedly uncover a super-secret formula to make the World’s Most Powerful Slime, they realize their amateur science experiment could actually win! But everything goes horribly wrong when their batch of slime goes missing. Suddenly, all the adults in town are acting like zombies–and their last-minute science project might be to blame…

It’s a race against slime as Billy and Sam scramble to find an antidote before their homes, their school, and their town turn into ground zero for the slimebie apocalypse!