11-year-old Ava Heartstraw is nervous but excited to leave her desert home and begin training to become a powerful witch. But when the snooty teachers at West Oz Witch Academy misinterpret her magic, she suddenly finds herself a permanent prisoner of the terrible School for Wicked Witches. 

Determined to prove herself good—no matter how many rules and promises she has to break along the way—Ava and her new friends soon learn that their school is hiding some pretty serious secrets of its own, and a daring escape from the School for Wicked Witches might be their only option . . . if their fledgling magic and heart, brains, and courage are up to the task.

Scholastic | Sept 17, 2024 | Grades 3-7

ISBN-10: 978-1339042673

Cover Artist- Teo Skaffa

Designer- Maeve Norton