What would you do if you had one perfect chance to be yourself?

Trapped on the Oregon coast with his unhappy, just-divorced father, 12-year-old Jeremy isn’t expecting much from his summer vacation. But everything changes when the boy of his dreams runs by, and Jeremy discovers it takes more than dreaming to reach out and say what’s in his heart.

“A warm-hearted story that affirms and celebrates a tender relationship between two boys.” -HORN BOOK (starred review)

Taylor’s involving narrative is gentle and luminous… Poignant, moving, and totally cormorant [beautiful].” -BOOKLIST

“Effectively conjures the emotional awkwardness of adolescence… Taylor writes with vulnerability the conflict of being in-between.” -PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY (starred review)

Beautifully evokes the strange, liminal feelings of an early summer vacation that lasts forever and is over too quickly… A wonderful, tender story about changing relationships.” -KIRKUS (starred review)

“One of the most hopeful and sweet middle grades I have ever read about gay first crushes on the cusp of adolescence.” -Erica S., POWELL’S BOOKS (Powell’s Picks Featured Title)

“Beautifully and sensitively written, a genuine feel-good story (have hankies ready though).” -Holly Myers, ELLIOTT BAY BOOK COMPANY (Booknotes Featured Title)

“We need this middle grade book… about the beautiful experience of that first romantic connection. An all-around sweet, honest, and lovely story.” -Amanda MacGregor, SLJ TEEN LIBRARIAN TOOLBOX

“A mesmerizing, gentle story… filled with queer joy, perfect for fans of Ashley Herring Blake and Nicole Melleby.” –Mimi Koehler, THE NERD DAILY

Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids 2022

A Texas Library Association 2023 Lone Star Reading List Selection

Cover Artist: Teo DuVall (@little_corvus)Designer: Christopher Stengel; Editor: David Levithan

ISBN: 978-1-338-75373-8 / Released July 19, 2022

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*****AUDIOBOOK read by the legendary Michael Crouch!*****


Do you like dogs who think they’re people? Do you love odd-couple friendship stories? Do you ever wonder if there are bears in small-town New Jersey? Good news! This silly, prancy, heart-achy best friends book is for you!

*Based on real events!*

*Guaranteed happy ending!*

*New Jersey!*

Cover: Images copyright; Designer: Maeve Norton & Baily Crawford; Editor: David Levithan

ISBN: 978-1-338-74595-5 / Released June 28, 2022

Buy on: IndieBound; Amazon; Barnes & Noble

When lonely, overlooked Joanie Dayton first encounters Masterpiece in a dirty alley, she mistakes him for (of all things) a stray cat. But after cleaning him up back home, she discovers her new friend is, in fact, a miniature poodle. A very grateful miniature poodle.

What Joanie doesn’t know is that Masterpiece isn’t any ordinary dog. Masterpiece is actually a world-famous celebrity, a dog who’s been in TV shows and magazines and spends his summers traveling the world hobnobbing with the rich and famous. So how did Masterpiece go from a palatial apartment in New York City to an alley in small town New Jersey? He was dognapped! And then escaped! And it was Joanie, of all people, who found him. Now, not only does the angry dognapper want to nab Masterpiece back, but his former owner is offering a reward for his return. A big reward. A reward that could change Joanie’s life forever—if she can somehow find the strength to give up the only best friend she’s ever had. What’s a girl to do?


“A high-stakes thrill ride… a refreshing twist on zombie apocalypse scenarios… an exhilarating adventure.” -Kirkus

The secret’s out! Writing under my pen name Liam Gray, Slimed is my tribute to classic Goosebumps-style adventure and my first ever book for Scholastic! Featuring zombie grownups! Kiddie pools of spinach! Exploding volcanos! Sunflowers! And of course slime, slime, SLIIIIIME!

Cover: Baily Crawford; Designer: Baily Crawford & Omou Barry; Editor: Jeffrey West

ISBN: 978-1-338-62072-6 / Released October 19, 2021

Buy on: IndieBound; Amazon; Barnes & Noble

Billy Hamilton wants nothing to do with school, let alone this year’s science project: submitting an experiment for the next season of TV’s “America’s Got Science.” But Billy desperately needs the extra credit, and his partner, Sam Baptiste, really wants to win so she can meet her science hero, Professor Quandary, who will be judging the competition. 

So, when Billy and Sam uncover a super-secret formula to make the World’s Most Powerful Slime, they’re confident that their amateur science experiment could actually win! But everything goes horribly awry when their batch of slime goes missing. Suddenly, all the adults in town are acting like zombies–could their science project be to blame?

It’s a race against slime for Billy and Sam to find a way to stop their science experiment from turning all the adults in town into mindless slimebies!


“Ridiculously irresistible” –KIRKUS 

“A rollicking good time” –BOOKLIST

“A magical adventure!” –DAV PILKEY (creator of Captain Underpants)

I am beyond excited to share my debut middle grade novel from HarperCollins Children’s!

Maggie and Abby’s Neverending Pillow Fort is a story of best friends, ghost mooses, secret societies run by kids, guacamole lasagna, and a hidden world of pillow forts where each fort leads to another…and another…and another…

Cover Artist: Monique Dong, Designer: Jessie Gang, Editor: Elizabeth Lynch

ISBN: 978-0-06-264431-2 / Released April 3, 2018

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Don’t miss the STUNNING Audiobook version read by Cassandra Morris!

Six. Weeks. That’s how long Maggie’s been waiting for her best friend and partner in crime, Abby, to come home from Camp Cantaloupe. Half of summer break may have been lost, but Abby is finally heading back! Only when Abby arrives, she’s. . . different. She doesn’t want to play any of their usual epic spy games. All New Abby wants to do is talk about camp things and plan campy activities—she even has the nerve to call Maggie’s massive, award-worthy pillow fort a “cabin.”

But at least Abby’s excited to build a “cabin” of her own. And when Maggie discovers that a pillow in the back of her fort mysteriously leads right into Abby’s new one, the two friends are suddenly just an arm’s length away. Soon they’re adding links and building more forts, until Maggie looks behind one pillow too many and finds herself face to face with. . . the authorities.  Turns out their little pillow fort network isn’t the first to exist. It’s not even the second, or third, or hundredth. A massive network of linked-up pillow and sofa forts already spans the globe, and the kids who run it are not happy with Maggie and Abby. And they are not fooling around.

With just three days to pass the North American Founding and Allied Forts Alliance’s outrageous entrance tests or lose the links forever, Maggie and Abby pull out all the stops to try to save their network. But the kids on NAFAFA’s Council have their own agenda, and it just so happens Maggie’s fort might actually hold the key to a mystery that’s gone unanswered for generations. There’s only a little bit of summer left to burn, and Maggie and Abby are determined to win back their pillow fort freedom. But can their friendship—and their scrappy homemade network—survive the mission?


“It’s a sequel!”

“It’s completely silly! What’s with the chickens?”

“More danger! More secret societies! More Samson!”

Hooray! It’s a follow-up adventure, Maggie & Abby and the Shipwreck Treehouse! Summer’s finally here, and Maggie and Abby are ready to track down every secret Camp Cantaloupe has. But when an accident separates them, it’ll take all their skill, planning, daring, and luck to get back to each other before they uncover one secret too many!

Cover Artist: Monique Dong, Designer: Jessie Gang, Editor: Elizabeth Lynch

ISBN: 978-0062644343 / Released August 20, 2019

Buy on: IndieBound; AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads

Glorious Audiobook read by Cassandra Morris & Sisi A. Johnson!

Nine long months after being kicked out of the pillow fort networks, Maggie and Abby finally have a whole new mission to focus on–and this one starts with a return to the infamous Camp Cantaloupe.

Abby knows just how much she needs this trip after a year of big, BIG changes back home. But she also knows Maggie will never relax until they’ve solved the lingering mystery left over from last summer: the mystery of the trap door in Camp Cantaloupe’s historic Shipwreck Treehouse.

What neither of them expect, though, is for their very first night at camp to go down in Cantaloupe history. And when that trap door busts open for the first time in centuries, Abby’s going to need the help of friends both old and new to help her uncover the ultimate pillow fort truth–and get her back to Maggie’s side before Camp Cantaloupe itself gets shut down and these best of best friends get separated…for good.

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